Private tuition market in the UK

Private tuition is known as the hidden secret of British education and is known as shadow education in the UK. They have been precursor and alternative to the schooling and were established for teaching children of wealthy families. It is defined as academic teaching outside of state provision for which tutor is paid in salary usually by tutee’s parents. The tutee’s education usually takes place at their home, where tutor assists their student in improving their knowledge related to the respective subject or for other competitive exams. It has largely remained in the shadow of private schools and home schools which were considered best for British students. Estimates have suggested that the industry is worth several billion pounds, but it lacks regulation as it is an unregulated industry and much of tutoring is informal. Therefore it is difficult to get an accurate picture of the UK market of private tuition.

A survey conducted by UK government found that tuition industry is generally a small scale industry. However, contrary to the belief, private tuition market is expanding and has changed as per changing economic factors and has become increasingly structured and commercialised. It has now been rendering teaching services to millions of students throughout in the UK. Many surveys have found that most of the tutors are university students who are seeking additional income by teaching children at the secondary level. Another group of tutor includes state-employed teachers, as well as, retired teachers from their respected government school. They work either individually or through an agency.

Private tutoring provides an opportunity for parents to help their children to get better academic success. Usually, it is associated with one on one instruction, but in recent years, Small-group and large-group instruction methods and online type of private tutoring have also come into existence. Small-group class tuition ranges from 3 students per tutor, whereas large-group class tuition has >=10 students per tutor. According to a recent survey, half of the private tutoring in the UK is conducted through one on one instruction, which is 78% followed by small-group class tuition which occupies 12% of private tuition. In a recent survey, it was found that average cost of one to one tutoring in a subject like maths is £21 per hour and in English is £24 per hour. The average cost of online tutoring was found to be £32 per hour. The majority of tuition arranged by private agencies takes place in student’s home and normally lasts for one hour.

In recent years and with the advancement of internet, the online internet is gaining popularity. In the UK, online tuition is conducted majorly through either Skype or MSN messenger. Tutors who teach online teach mainly at the secondary level with maths and science being dominant subjects. Other subjects which are taught online are English, humanities, arts and foreign languages. Furthermore, greater numbers of tutors in the UK are in favour of giving online tuition as there is increasing trend of income generated through teaching online as most of the students have access to the internet and are capable enough to get coaching online instead of going to tuition class for their studies. Moreover, it is convenient for tutors also to teach online as it saves their cost and time incurred in travelling. In addition to this, parents of students also are in favour of online tutoring because of convenience and lack of tutors in their local areas.

As private tuition is an unregulated industry, tuition agencies are bracing themselves to change by going online. They have tried to bridge the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students by providing coaching to later one at nominal fee online. So to evaluate private tuition agencies in the UK, some models were developed. The first model developed is Tutor Hunt which was founded in 2005 with the objective of providing affordable tuition to everyone in the UK.  It has over 50,000 tutors. It is a web-based service which allows tutees to directly access to tutors which they feel is most suitable to them. It charges tutees one off fees which is nominally £19.99. Tutor Hunt has created a foundation, which uses some of the profits made through the website to sponsor various school clubs, programmes and events. It ensures that private tuition does not become reserved for the elite group but is readily available for needy students and its benefit is spread as far as possible.

Another is Tutorfair which was founded in 2012 as a marketplace to put tutors in contact with potential tutees. Currently, Tutorfair has over 30,000 tutors on its database, with about 8,500 fully registered. Through Tutorfair’s web platform, tutees contact tutors with no charge and help them to locate an appropriate local tutor. Since its inception, thousands of tutees have found tutors through this organisation. It is mostly funded directly by sales made on Tutorfair website. An optional 5% price is paid by the customer who undertakes and coordinates tuition programmes in London’s under- privileged students in lieu of providing free tuition for one of their children. This free tutoring covers preparations for 11+ exams, A-level and university preparations. Moreover, it provides facilities for students from economically low background to get good tutors for their studies.

Thus, although private tuition is a shadow education in the UK, yet it is gaining popularity in the country. If effectively implemented, it has the potential to reinforce an education system which would be easily available for each and every student from different backgrounds. Public sponsored education policies fell short of meeting expectations of parents of the students. In this case, a private tuition is a viable option as it would provide an option to parents to fulfil their goal of increasing academic performance of their children. With the adaptation of innovative ideas using online method of tutoring, it has created for itself an opportunity to grow into a mature and stable market generation huge amount of profit.

How to improve teaching and learning in the classroom

A Teacher plays a very important role in a student’s life. Schools, parents and teachers are the forefronts of a student’s educational life. The success of a student is very much depended upon the teacher as a student is in continuous contact. As teaching and learning is an integrated process, good teaching methods and techniques will help students to learn things faster. It will provide guidance and help in enhancing skills which are connected with future in order to be successful. Good teaching practices are needed in order to improve the quality of life and foster development.

Classrooms learning method is considered as one of the effective methods of learning. For many of the students, their learning process and development takes place in classrooms. It is very necessary that a teacher must adapt teaching techniques that ensure effective learning opportunities and produces a lot of educational benefits. Teachers must examine the classrooms carefully and must keep all the factors in mind which will help to implement the new and effective teaching techniques.

A good teaching technique will help the students to learn and memorize lessons faster and will increase the chances of success.

  • Analyzing the understanding level

Before starting to teach a new lesson teacher must conduct the formative assessment to know how much knowledge students are having on the topic. While teaching regular assessment is needed in different ways. It is necessary to identify the areas in which students are comfortable or are facing difficulties. At the end of the lesson, the teacher should conduct a summary session to know what students have learned. It is always better to simultaneously work on areas in which students are facing problems instead of working when the problem becomes a major issue.

  • Enhance learning through application

Students learn and retain fast when they have been given the opportunity to apply what they have learnt. It becomes difficult to understand by just sitting and listening to lectures. By practically doing learning and understanding becomes easy. Whenever possible teachers must assign projects to the students for helping them to explore their knowledge and put their learning to work. For example- projects on various subjects like maths, science, English, Hindi can be given to students as a part of their homework. This will allow students to learn the basic concept and enhance their knowledge.

  • Enhancing students engagement

A teacher should try to engage with his student in order to make the student feel comfortable. The teacher must memorise the names of all the students in the classroom. They must interact with students frequently in order to understand the capacity of the student. Sending emails, attending various events, designing activities that will require teachers involvement are some of the things which will increase students engagement with the teachers. Students are human beings with full of lives; teachers must share values, experiences with them. This will help in gaining the students confidence and encouraging them. Teachers should love their students and should mix with them.

  • Regularly tracking progress and providing feedbacks

Imparting knowledge to the students is not enough. Learning also takes place when students know about the areas where they are lacking. Teachers must track the performance of the students in order to analyze the problem area. By assigning homework, practice exercises, conducting exams teachers can assess students performance.  Providing feedbacks to the students is necessary to help them identify what they have learned. Timely suggestions will help students in assessing their knowledge and competencies. Communicating with students and helping them in knowing their strengths and weakness will help in the progress of the student.

  • Capturing the interest of students

Any method of teaching will be also of no use if students are not interested. It is very necessary for a teacher to identify the areas of interest of the students and then to apply effective teaching technique. Before starting a lesson or at the time of formative assessment teacher should try to create curiosity in a student in order to gain the attention. A teacher can use creative methods like visual images, brainstorming, and storytelling to help students to generate interest in the lesson. This is considered as one of the challenging tasks on the part of a teacher.

  • Encouraging cooperation practices

Actual learning takes place in the environment which involves a lot of interaction. Group learning always provides better results as it involves discussions and sharing of ideas. It enhances the understanding power of a student and improves the thinking process. Teachers must assign group tasks like projects, presentations, case studies to the students. Students must share their viewpoints and should provide feedbacks to one other on the work assigned.

  • Praising and Motivating Students

The self-confidence of the students increases when they are praised. They feel encouraged and motivated. Teachers must praise the work of the student which will enhance their interest and performance. Phrases like to keep it up; good work, congratulations boost the confidence and self-esteem of the students. The words of encouragement will motivate students to put their efforts and work better.

  • Practicing Active Learning Techniques

Teachers must adopt active learning techniques in the class in order to create excitement and engagement. Just sitting in the class listening and memorizing will not help the students to learn. In order to gain knowledge and to develop the desire for learning in, students teachers must practice those activities which fulfill the learning objectives. Learning styles which require the involvement of all the human senses are the best. Classroom discussions, the involvement of technologies, giving presentations and answering questions makes the class attentive and active.

In the end, it can be said that it is very necessary for the teacher to understand the level of the student. Students must feel connected with the teachers. Teachers must frequently communicate with the students and should provide regular positive and negative feedbacks. This will help students to understand the areas which need a lot of efforts. Teachers should try to become a role model for the student to help them in enhancing their learning and to achieve success.

10 Tips To Score Higher Marks In Statistics Exams

Statistics as compared to the other subjects hold a distinct position in the list of subjects. The terminology, lengthy calculations and a list of formulae to be remembered are enough to shoo away the students from studying the subject. The first timers often get confused and show a lack of interest in learning. However, Statistics might seem to be a difficult subject, but with consistent efforts, it can be the most scoring subject as well.

So, for students who have fear for the subject must follow the below mentioned few points to score well in Statistics.

I.     Constant efforts leads to success

Statistics is not a theory subject that could be learned just a day before the exam date. Various formulae and equations have to be memorized as well as practiced several times in order to attain perfection. A study schedule must be maintained from the beginning of the semester so that a consistent progress for study can be obtained easily. All you have to do a couple of days before exams are to revise as all your course would be completed much in advance. This schedule will help you to score higher in the exams and will make learning an easy process. Learn at least 3-4 formulae every day to excel in exams.

II.  Apply different learning strategies

While studying a student has to use various methodologies to learn and remember things. In the case of Statistics, it is necessary for the students to realize that just by cramming they would not be able to score high. Different kind of learning strategies like understanding and then writing down the points, writing down the tough formulae on a piece of paper and revising as and when free time is there are some of the examples of the techniques that can be mix and matched with the students for getting maximum results. Thus, learning becomes fun and quick as well.

III.   Practice a lot of numerical

There is a phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect.” It implies that the person who has the habit of constantly working towards achieving his goals will definitely reach to a higher level no matter what may come. In the same way, only by memorizing the formulae it is not possible to attain good grades. One must practice a lot of questions for them as well. Solve as many questions as possible available in textbooks, papers, and the internet. In this way, a student will be able to perform self-testing mechanism that will show how much more practice is required.

IV.   Group study will surely help

While studying in alone, the student might get bored and might fall asleep soon. This reduces the time left for studying. Rather, if the students sit together, they can study for long hours. It becomes possible as the students will motivate each other to study and help one another on topics that are difficult. Also, they can give tests to each other and exchange their copies for reviewing the test. Also, each student can take up the topic he/she knows well and explain it to others. This would make the learning process fast. A competition can also be held that how many questions can be solved by each student within a stipulated period of time. The winner will get a reward.

V.  Look at previous papers to analyze the pattern

One can find the previous year’s papers in the library or on the internet. This would help the students to know the paper pattern and can prepare accordingly. Teachers and Seniors can also update the students about the paper pattern and the weight given to each chapter. This will let the students know which chapter carries more marks and also the weak areas that require practice. Knowledge about the type of questions asked in examination allows the students to devise a study plan in an efficient manner.

VI.   Eliminate the repetitive mistakes

Never consider class tests as a burden. They are not for the teacher, but for the students so that they can track their performances themselves. In order to do well in exams, one must know the shortcomings in the learning process, and it is only possible by attending the test series on a regular basis. Once the students know their mistakes, they will be able to eliminate them in the final examination.

VII.   Attend revision classes regularly

After the completion of course revision classes are held by the teachers in order to clear the doubts or revise the tough topics. Students must study the course and analyze the tough topics. He/she should attend the revision class for those topics only. Daily going to the class for all topics would waste time. Therefore, revision classes will help the students to get assistance for their studies at the time of the exam.

VIII.    Carefully read the questions in exam

While attempting the paper read the questions carefully and jot down the given information. This would help you to know what values you have and what you need to find out according to the question. Many times it happens that in haste the students do not read the questions carefully and one part of it remains unsolved. In order to avoid such mistakes try to read each question more than once.

IX.      Analyze charts and graphs minutely

Pie charts and graphs from an evident part of Statistics and students must understand it thoroughly. During exams questions based on these two are often asked. Thus, a student must read and follow all the instructions carefully. The class interval can be a single series value. The values of each axis must be studied carefully and then answer the question must be followed.

X.  Take regular breaks from studies

In order to score high one should not keep o studying for long hours without taking brakes. Some recreational activities are required to be followed in order to keep the mind refreshed. Thus, keep in mind the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

By following these steps, students can definitely win over the fear of Statistics and make sure that they earn good grades.

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Corporate Strategy homework Help from Tutor

Tutors are an indispensable part of your academic journey. With the advancement of every field of human civilization, the standard, as well as the complexity of education, has also increased and the common classroom facilities, even after an unprecedented development, are gradually becoming insufficient in comparison to the demand from the students. This has resulted in an increase in demand for private tutors in every field of education. Let us discuss the role of the tutors in the disciplines like corporate strategy.

The globalization of national economies has made the task of the management more sophisticated as well as complicated. Consequently, the management education has also undergone a similar change. Creating Value for the business as well as for the stakeholders of a business is the mission and vision of a company. Corporate strategy is the way of creating those values across the value chain of a business. In the process of creating value, corporate strategy involves taking decisions regarding the investment of the company fund invaluable assets, crafting strategy for optimum utilisation of available resources, deciding about the structure of the organisation as well as planning all the corporate functions to fulfil the mission of the company and to create wealth for its shareholders.

The definition is important because it will give you an idea about the scope of the corporate strategy. In fact, when you are talking about corporate strategy, you are talking about almost every possible business functions of a company. A practically corporate strategy is set by the feedback and coordination of the managers responsible for various functions of a company. As such there could hardly be any course on corporate strategy. The reason is corporate strategy cuts across all the major functions of the value chain of a business. An assignment or homework on corporate strategy usually related to the topics of different functions like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources etc. of a company and the students, who are specialising in those disciplines, are asked to portray the corporate strategy of a company related to a particular function only, on the basis of a case study. For example, a student, specializing in Marketing, will be asked to develop a Marketing Strategy for a company as a part of the overall corporate strategy of the company. Likewise, a student of Finance may be asked to develop a Financial Strategy for a company as a part of the overall strategy of the company. But one thing is clear, as all these strategies will work as part of the whole corporate strategy, there must be some sort of coordination and overlapping in between different functional strategies so as to synchronize all with the overall corporate strategy. Therefore homework on corporate strategy to the students of any stream becomes a difficult task especially when it is based on the case study or when it comes as an assignment for the students of various disciplines of management science.

There are many professional organizations and tutorial companies which can assist you in working out your homework in corporate strategy. You can find most of these organizations online. How they can help you, in doing your homework, has been summarized below:

  • These organizations or tutorial homes can provide you expert tutors on every possible discipline of management science and these tutors have not only a good academic background in their respective disciplines, but they also have good professional exposures.
  • The homework related to corporate strategy usually, is based on some case studies, and the students are asked to frame the strategy of any company depending on the business scenario described in the case. Practical application of your knowledge to make the strategy related to Finance, Marketing or HR requires a lot of analytical ability, which is tough to develop in conventional class training. The tutors, with the year-long experience, will help you to unwind the application skill hidden within you, so that you can make the strategy on your own, by analyzing the case and by applying your knowledge in the particular discipline.
  • Usually writing any corporate strategy requires a professional approach regarding both the presentation of your content as well as a presentation of the homework. The professional exposures of the tutors give them the ability to help you perfectly to represent your argument and conclusions in professional style.
  • As has been discussed earlier, when you are being asked to write a Financial Strategy or Marketing Strategy or a strategy related to HR, you have to write these strategies as a part of the overall corporate strategy of the company and not as a standalone strategy. If your writing misses this very essential part of synchronizing your strategy with the overall corporate strategy, then your homework will simply produce a meaningless strategy for the company as a whole. The tutors will help you to synchronize the functional strategy with the overall corporate objective. To do this you require developing a little bit of knowledge about other functional disciplines and their link with your disciplines. The tutors will help you to develop that very essential knowledge base.
  • Writing homework on corporate strategy requires a lot of research work which consumes your valuable time significantly. Tutors will help you to find out the online and offline resources efficiently thereby saving a good lot of time.

This is not the end. The private tutors help you to bring out the best from you, so that, you can optimally apply your knowledge to work out a good quality homework, which is very essential for the good grade points in your academic career.

Over involvement of parents can increase test stress

Parents’ involvement is important to motivate, organize and improve the educational performance of their child. Their involvement is important to help their child to choose the right subjects on which he/she will found his/her academic career as well as, to keep the child on the right track so as to achieve a bright academic career. In fact, not only at school level but, at each and every stage of the academic career, the involvement of parents is required to help their siblings to accomplish their academic objective.

Before discussing the negative impacts of the parents’ involvement in the exam preparation of the students, let us take a brief look at the reason why the involvement of parents plays an important role when the students are preparing for their examinations.


For most of the students, rather for even the best possible students, examinations are always treated as the biggest challenges in their academic career, and though they do not resent it, but you cannot say they love it. The students know that the importance of examinations could not be ignored as their entire academic performance ultimately depends upon the grade points, they score in these exams. Even excellent class performances are not enough to have a good academic career. Scoring good grade points in the school and college examinations is a must. Naturally, owing to such an importance, the examinations cast significant pressure, both psychological and physical, on even the best possible students. The pressure sometimes seems to be enormous for the mediocre students, as passing exams sometimes relates to the survival of their academic career. The role of parents is to provide full-fledged support to their child at the time of their exam preparation and the support extends from keeping the examinee motivated to keeping him/her physically fit. The role becomes too much important for the students of lower classes, who are yet to learn how to organize themselves before the exams. Helping the child to frame a routine, taking vital information from their tutors about how the preparation should be done by their child, helping the child to prepare for exams on the basis of the guidelines of the tutors, making a conducive environment for study, providing nutritious food timely to keep the health condition at peak level, being patient with the child at the time of their excitement and making them comfortable with the situation by motivating them, are all belong to the quarters of responsibilities of the parents when their child is taking exam preparation. Sometimes, arranging a good counselor, in case the child becomes too anxious about the exam, is also a vital support to be provided by the parents to their child.


However, in practice, it seems that the responsible parents usually try to discharge all kinds of responsibilities at the time of exam of their child. But the discharging of responsibilities should have its own limit. When some responsibility is being delegated to you, there will be the boundary lines within which you have to discharge your responsibilities. Crossing the boundary lines may bring out some devastating results. This is what observed in the case of some parents when they get too much involved when their child is taking preparation for examination. The role that should be played by the parents is that of a mentor, motivator and of a pacifier to give strength and confidence to the student. But, some couple starts taking control of everything and try to impose a stringent routine so that their child can achieve the best possible result. Under duress, such additional pressure makes the thing worse. Sometimes the involvement of the parents reaches to the height of coercion. They force their own routine without consulting the tutors of their child. They force their own will without acknowledging the ability of their child. They put their expectation above the expectation of their child. All these, when coming together, just shake the confidence of the child and consequently the concentration. The loss of concentration and the confidence spells disaster and is eventually reflected in the examination performance of the student. Another funny aspect of such behavior of some parents is that they do not get themselves involved in such a way during the whole of the year. In most of the cases, it is found that their parental responsibility sense becomes alive just before few days or few weeks of the exam, and they try to take control of everything so as to compel their child to get the best possible grades with few days of their involvement. It’s a project for them, not a process.


Why I have used the word project? There is sound reason. These kinds of parents, usually think, that there must be a return on the investment they are making for the education of their child. The return is measured by two parameters. One is, of course, securing a good academic career for their child so that he/she can secure a good professional career at the end of the academic career, and the other one is the social status. They very often link the academic performance of their child with their own social status. The more brilliant is the result of the child; the better is the social status. This is because when the student gets a good result, it is the habit of the parents to take the pride of being the main architecture behind it, irrespective of the fact that they have just done their duty and it is the student who is really the main architecture of the good performance. Of course, I will give an explanation for such a controversial opinion. You will never find some parents who do not invest for the education of their child, though it largely depends upon their income. But, nonetheless, they try to do the best. Now how many of them get a successful result from their child? Not many. This is because the student is the most important factor to make their investment successful. Otherwise why the students belonging to the same environment, getting same educational facilities differ so much in their academic performance? In fact, it is directly related to the maturity of the students. The more the maturity of the student, the more will be his perception of the benefit of education and the more motivated he/she will be to have a good academic career. The parents, the teachers all play an auxiliary role in this game, not the main one. Some parents very often forget that.

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Once under huge pressure of getting the examination right, the students themselves try to do as best as possible but, you add your expectation to their expectation and together, the result will cross the limit of the capability of the student to deliver and they will simply succumb to the pressure. This could be dangerous for not only the particular exam, but this type of parental expectation may sometimes inflict permanent damage to the academic career of the students. Your child is not your means to satisfy a target set by you. They are separate and independent individual with their own set of skills, confidence, dream and target of life. You cannot ride on your child to fulfill your unsatisfied desire of being a great student. That is not the job of your child rather, do not forget it was your job and it is you who failed to accomplish it successfully. You have given birth to your son or daughter and it is your responsibility to educate them properly and without any expectation. Being parents, it is your duty helping them to bring them out of the tremendous pressure they are facing at the time of exam and you cannot do this duty with the expectation of getting a return on your investment.

Get Physics tutoring help by Expert Physics tutors

Physics is a subject of pure science and is regarded as one of the most important subjects which require optimum dedication, a strong concept in mathematics and a strong acumen and understanding ability on the part of the students to learn the subject. The students require developing a good analytical ability, ability of critical thinking and a good application skill of the theoretical knowledge if they want to solve the problems of physics and learn the subject properly. Physics, as a subject is probably the hottest topic for the scientists from the very beginning and the emergence of the technologically advanced world has been possible only because of the unprecedented advancement and application of knowledge in Physics. Physics is the most demanded subjects in the student fraternity all over the world and, making a career in physics is regarded as one of the most prestigious careers for a student. Naturally, the demand for the physics tutors are always at the top in the private tutoring market and, only an efficient tutor with the ability of clearly explaining the intricacies of the laws of physics and their applications in solving various problems could act as physics tutors for the students to help them understanding and learning the subject.


The school teaching is not sufficient to learn this subject of pure science. The students in all over the world, who has taken physics as one of their academic subjects, require help from the private tutors to develop the concept of physics from the very beginning. In fact, without the help and motivation of the private tutors, it is impossible to tackle the subject properly for most of the students.

Getting tutoring help from expert physics tutors seems to be a tough task for the students if they do not know how to search for such tutors and where to search. The first option is, of course, the conventional way of finding a home tutor for helping the student in understanding Physics and to help him to tide over the deficiencies, created over time, to learn the subject properly. The home tutors could be selected on the basis of the information from students or from the school in which the student is pursuing his/her academic career. Another way is to search for an expert teacher from the agencies who arrange tutors according to the need of the student. The newspaper advertisements given by the private tutors on their own could also be a source to find a home tutor to teach physics. But in all the cases, the track record of the tutor must be checked as well as, his/her qualification and the experience in teaching physics. Young students of higher classes, especially graduates and postgraduates, who have specialized in Physics as one of their subjects, could really be a good source for finding an expert physics tutor. The reason is, these students being quite younger can relate to the students in a far better way and can set appropriate tuning with the students rather than the old tutors. However, the capacity to explain the subject according to the need of the student must be judged before appointing the home tutors.

The second way is to contact some tuition centers where a handful of students usually go and take lessons from the tutor. There are many learning centers which provide expert help in Physics to the students, who come over there and take tuitions. The advantage is that the cost of taking the lessons is much less than the home tutors. However, here the students are given tuitions in batch and the students do not enjoy one to one correspondence like the home tutoring. But the batch size being much less than the classroom gatherings, each student gets considerable attention from the tutors and get ample opportunities to clear his/her doubts. Moreover, the interaction in between the batchmates also helps the students to understand the subject more clearly.


Information technology has brought a revolutionary change in the field of education. The tutoring world has taken full advantage of this technology to impart the knowledge in all possible subjects. There are various websites meant to teach physics and without any cost. Two of such websites are and Khan Academy.  Here you will find, various topics in physics are being taught using the interactive videos at free of cost. The topics cover from the basic concept to the concept of higher level physics like nuclear physics or physics-related to space research. However, in spite of the continuous effort of the developers of these websites, it is not yet possible to address all the queries of the students of different classes.

Online tutoring platform is probably the most rapidly growing tutoring media in the field of education during the past decades. The online companies are gradually becoming an organized market and the most dominating players to provide tutoring help to the students for any subject and at any level in their academic career. There are some unique features of the online education system for which it is becoming extremely popular and it is projected to be the single most important platform in future to help the students to develop subject concepts and to build necessary confidence. As discussed earlier, teaching a subject like physics requires outstanding knowledge and the capacity to deliver the same to the students.

The online companies appoint the best possible experts for tutoring Physics to their students. The reason is simple, they can appoint any tutor, residing anywhere in the world and the tutors can teach their students by interactive classes using the classroom software and video conferencing, just by sitting in his/her home and at his/her convenient time. The students can even choose the tutors by going through the profiles which are verified by the online tutoring companies. This helps the students a lot to know about the experience, the educational backgrounds and the track record of the tutors they want to get help from. The interactive classrooms are so designed that the students feel like they are learning it in real life classroom, and the entire tuition is provided on a one-to-one basis so that the student can get his/her problem solved by enjoying the pinpointed concentration on the part of the tutor. Since there are many online companies already operating in the market, each and every company faces steep competition to hold their market share. These competitive pressures prompt the companies to assess the performance of the tutors strictly by taking feedback from the students. While selecting their tutors, these companies employ a rigorous selection process which comprises of the subject test as well as, the test of tutoring skills of the teachers.

However, there is one pitfall and that is the students have to be well converse with the internet technology and should have a good computer system with strong internet connectivity before resorting to online tutoring help. The online companies also offer help in Physics assignments or home works to the students apart from conventional tutoring to develop the concept of the subject.

Physics being a subject of pure science and being one of the most complicated subjects require a private tutor with outstanding expertise in the subject. The tutor should also be capable of making the concept clear before the students and this requires an excellent communication and delivery skills. Before you select a private tutor for helping you in working out the problems of physics or making the theoretical concept clear before you, you have to be extremely careful about the aforesaid qualities of the tutor.

Necessity of Education for Happy Life

educational (2)

What is Education?

Education is a process by which our body, soul, and mind get developed through a formal learning. It’s a necessity for developing our mind and it can be expressed in words. It is much essential for a human being for every kind of development. Due to the education process, our physical and mental capabilities are developed in a balanced way.

Education helps us to develop a different kind of abilities like thinking, sensibility etc.

  • It helps us for happy and stable life-

Education provides us a stable and happy life when we are educated because education provides us the ability to think for good and bad. Due to education, a person can get a job to survive in life. Education is must for a secure, prosperous and a stable life.

  • Provides financial stability

Educated person has more chances of getting a good package jobs. Most of the people believe that money is important for survival in today’s world but the money can be earned through education because to do any think in life to earn you need education support.

  • Self Dependency

Education makes you a self-dependent person because educated person has the ability to take a right decision for his/her life. Due to the education, you can become a financially independent person.

  • Freedom

We require education if we want to see the world as a place where everyone has the equal opportunities of success. We can provide equal freedom to every human being if the person is educated because the educated person only can get all the benefits of different opportunities which are provided by the government of our country.

  • Dreams come true

Education is a key to fulfilling your dreams come true. Do you want to become rich in your life? Want to become a successful man? Want to become a government officer? Well, the key for the entire questions is education because to get success in your life you will need education support; it will help you to think that what is good for you. It provides you the sensibility by which you can sense that what will be the good for you.

  • Ability to be safe from being cheated

Education saves you from being fooled or cheated from someone. It is so easy to make fool to an illiterate person because he/she will not have the correct knowledge of their rights and freedom. Many people are being cheated because of their illiteracy, they don’t know about their rights and freedoms.

  • Confident

An educated person can express his/her ideas more clearly because the educated person develops the ability to express ideas frequently in a better way in front of others. It also provides you the confidence for doing your jobs with confident and easily like human resources, private tutors, government officers etc.

  • Respect

Educated person get respect in their social society because he/she is able to survive without taking help of someone else. Educated person is self-dependent due to education. The more educated you are, the more respect you will get from those around you.

  • Helps to understand the world

Education is what we require to understand the correct answer of our questions ‘what’, ‘where’

and ‘how’. It will us to understand the real world in which we are living, it helps us to know about our surroundings as well as the whole world through different subjects like history, geography.

  • Helps to understand the superstitions

All the superstitions are baseless and useless; these superstitions can be understood by studying about the facts which science provides so to overcoming from the superstitions only education can help us. Science proves all the superstitions are useless and baseless; they all are myths of our illiterate minds. Educated person can only understand the basic truth of these superstitions.