What will happen in UK education in 2017?

UK education sector is the model for many countries. It is a vast and diverse sector with a lot of institutions. The organisations are heterogeneous and differ in their size, infrastructure, focus, interest and strengths. The curriculum of the UK education is not same at the national level for schools and universities. However, the education system is based on the principle of providing quality of education. Certain standards are prescribed required to be attained that is some degree of achievement that a student needs to gain to reach a higher level. The UK education institutions are autonomous but are funded by individual bodies. These bodies have to ensure that quality education is provided.

The UK education system involves high competition and is characterised by the set pattern of exams. Students need to achieve a certain score to be awarded for next level. The level of exams in UK schools is becoming harder day by day, and it requires students to achieve higher grades. This has to lead to various kinds of health issues in the teenagers. The students are suffering from mental disorder and depression. This has created a very serious problem as the schools and universities in the UK are becoming difficult for the students day by day. To complete their mission of providing quality education schools are becoming intense for the teenagers. Also, teachers in schools are very much restricted and are forced to follow set guidelines. They are compelled to follow the strong curriculum which is of no use for children in future.

With the innovation and technological change, automation is taking the place of the requirement of human beings in each process. Machines will do a lot of work in future for which universities prepare their students. Also in the world of internet, students go online and study. They prefer to gain expert knowledge by listening to lectures online to gain more information that their teachers are not providing. Also, the jobs of the students are now becoming on a stake. Moreover, the UK education sector has approx 13 percent of the international market, and it contributes about 3 percent to the gross domestic product of the country. It is becoming essential for the schools and universities to change the education pattern so that their existence does not fade.

The world now is imposed by its fourth industrial revolution that is digitisation. The digital age is propelling the education sector to be more innovative with the use of Hi-tech technology. With the evolution of the educational landscape, intuitions need to do things in a way that is efficient and connected. Consolidation of campuses, colleges and classrooms are required to serve larger audiences which will help in coping up with success.

Predictions have been made that in 2017, institutions have to use hybrid IT technology for data storage and management. By doing this schools will be able to manage the process and can ensure compliance with technology will ensure the security of the data. A holistic security education will be emphasised as due to digitalisation access to the internet will be increased. It will become essential for the schools to provide end to end security to the IT infrastructure. It is also necessary that safety of students be taken into consideration and protection is done from many cyber attacks and human error breaches. Schools compulsory needs to follow the guidelines issued by the government to safeguard the children. In 2017, as the education of a student is no longer will be in the four walls of the classroom the curriculum will revolve around the media, digitalisation and cyber crime.

Also, it has been identified that the UK education needs a shift from basic subjects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It is becoming important to adopt cyber learning skills to compete globally. In the UK it has been seen that students lack interest in learning the basic subjects (STEM). This has lead to decrease in the talent of the STEM skills. Also, the topics in which students are interested there is the lack of the desperate talent who will teach the subjects of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence. On the part of UK education system, it is becoming very important that it invest in teachers who are talented, skilled and expert. This will encourage and help the students in learning the new subjects in which they are interested.

In 2017 the concept of immersive learning is taken into consideration which will help technology in becoming the tool for learning. 3D printers, Google cardboards will be introduced by the schools for every student which will assist in making the educational environment more interactive. The four-walled classrooms will be no more in the education industry in 2017.

UK government is also making lots of reforms which will help in changing and supporting the Education system. It is making a broad range of reforms relating to fees, quality and administration. Also, the focus is on primary provisions for Teaching Excellence that will aim at increasing the funds for investment in skilled teachers and introducing reputational and financial incentives schemes. The reform packages will help in ensuring quality education with increasing level of employment opportunities for the graduates.

As education industry is emerging as the new frontier, institutions need to realise that by just buying the technology is not enough. It is essential that the transformation is very well implemented which will help in reaping the results from digitalisation. For successful education system, it is necessary that change is recognised on time which will contribute to support the future generation to learn and lead.


20 Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Teaching 6th Grade

Are you facing a problem with a 6th grader? Not able to manage the tantrums of the 6th-grade students? We understand your problem. We know how difficult it is to manage the 6th-grade students. As a teacher even you have experienced that teaching and managing the other grade students are not at all difficult. But in a case of 6th-grade students, you must see the view of the school from the perspective of the students. The students reading in 6th grade are new to the Middle school, thus a change in the environment makes them irritating in nature, and it takes them some time to adjust to the situations and external environment.

But when you can mix with the 6th graders comfortably, you will discover the exuberant and bubbly confidence in the students. As a teacher, you will find pleasure in teaching these newly developed brains. Middle school is a new experience for the children who are being promoted to 6th grade. The middle school environment teaches the children to become independent and responsible. So as a teacher you should act as a guide in nurturing these new brains and help them develop the overall position.

Here are some of the tips that will help you as a teacher to help the 6th-grade students in developing their educational career.
  • Create comfortable situation
    Your students are new to the Middle school so make them comfortable first rather than focusing on teaching them from the very first day. Create games and interactive sessions within the classroom premises and make your students comfortable with each other.
  • Develop mind of the students
    Only intelligence will not help in developing the minds of the students. Use some interactive quiz sessions and puzzles for the students. The brainstorming activities will help in developing the mindset of the students.
  • Tackle perception and identity of students
    Students attending the middle school for the first time may face the problem of identity crisis and may develop negative perceptions about the types of teachers and treatment they will receive in the middle schools. Your duty in this regard is to make them feel comfortable by empathising with them and developing emotional attachment with them.
  • Ask easy questions
    Always remember that you are dealing with kids and not adults, so start with asking easy questions that will make them feel happy in the classroom.
  • Prevent bullying
    Around 40% of the 6th graders are well acquainted with internet services and thus engages themselves in cyberbullying activities. You as a teacher will be required to prevent the instances of cyberbullying by making them understand the negative effects of this habit.
  • Manage the changing behaviours
    You may often face situations where you will encounter two kids fighting with each other over some petty issue. In that situation never punish or scold any of the students because in doing so you are creating a negative impression about yourself in the minds of the students. Rather assess their behaviour and make them understand.
  • No name students
    You will always face a situation where you will find projects and essays submitted with no names on it. Do not worry about this fact because this is a very common aspect among the children within this age range. So make this practice a fun activity by introducing a “No name” rack.
  • Develop sense of humour
    Joke with you students! This is a good way of interacting with the students and makes them feel at home.
  • Take care of their opinions
    Make your student feel important and take their opinions and decisions in different matters.
  • Use novels and storytelling techniques
    Introduce a novel reading and storytelling session in between the hectic schedule of study.
  • Make the students read
    Make your students read out aloud from some parts of the text so that their pronunciation and reading habit is developed.
  • Get feedback from students
    This is important for you as a teacher because the feedback from the students about the types of teacher you are will help you to understand the type and quality of teaching process you are following
  • Arrange for plays
    Arrange for one act plays in the classroom premises and help them become more creative.
  • Make a habit of reading newspaper
    Tell your students to bring their respective newspapers along with them to school so that you can develop their current affairs knowledge.
  • Teach them maths
    Maths is important, and from the 6th grade the maths becomes difficult so start teaching them
  • Initiate group projects
    Encourage the students to enter into different group projects which will help in building friendship among the students.
  • Stock novels in classroom
    Build a stock of novels in the classroom which will help the students to develop their external reading habits.
  • Teach them to research
    Help the students to conduct in-depth research on every topic so that they develop the researching habits.
  • Assist them to develop positive thoughts
    Introduce the system of “Thought of the day” this will help your child to read at least one good thought every day.
  • Introduce entertainment in classroom
    Don’t be a boring teacher! Make the class interesting and arrange for a knowledgeable movie show in the classroom every alternate Saturdays.

Standards of American Online Educational System

Online tutoring is the new buzz in the global education system and during the last decade, it has gained a tremendous growth casting a significant impact, enough, to dislodge the conventional thinking of imparting education to the students. In developed nations like the USA and other European countries and in some Asian countries on-line tutoring is rapidly being popular amongst the students as well as the parents. According to Forbes, this industry is going to worth $102 billion by the end of 2018. As happens in a case of almost every new trend, especially in the technology sector, America is one of the few countries to pick the trend at first and online tutoring is no exception.

The online education system is being examined not only in the private tutoring sector in America but also by some renowned universities as to how this technology based education platform could be used to the best advantage of the students. In recent past, the education has become too costly in the USA, and the conventional education from organized private and public education system has been proved to be not enough to raise the standard of the US students at par with its peers. Especially the Asian countries like India, China, South Korea has been proved to have gained a momentum in making their students far better equipped in comparison to the students of USA.

The students of any of these countries have got an advantage over the US students. That is the help of the private tutors to develop the concept of the subjects and to sharpen their skills in the weak areas. In the USA resorting to a private tutor to get a better grade as well as to develop the knowledge of the subjects to a particular level, is costly in comparison to the other countries as indicated above. In the USA, as per the report of the Virtual Strategy Magazine, the percentage of students, entering the community college, requiring at least one remedial course, is 60%. The online tutoring is being chosen by the parents as well as the students because of the following reasons,

a) The cost of taking tuition is much less than affording a personal private tutor.

b) The tech-savvy students are more inclined to and comfortable with the online tutoring.

c) The standard of the teachers available with the online tutoring companies is high because of the rigorous selection procedure of the online tutoring companies.

d) A cost of switching to another teacher is significantly low.

d) A vast pool of subjects is available.

f) The students can take help from the online tutor at their convenient time.

g) The process is mostly one to one teaching in online tutoring so that the students can get the same attention from the teachers as they can get from the personal private tutors.

The most crucial difference that could be made in the life of a student is a great tutor, who will bring out the best of the student and will motivate the student to do the best. Online tutoring companies like Tutor.com and others are continuously trying to get the best possible teachers for the students who access the tutoring services offered by these companies. The tutors are mostly chosen after two or three screen test as well as after some mock session to prove both the mastery of knowledge as well as capability in delivering the knowledge to the students to satisfy the need of them. The standard of the teachers are being continuously improved because of a unique feature of the online tutoring and that is one student seating in the US can access to one of the best possible teachers in any subject residing on the other side of the globe. American companies like Tutor.com and others are continuously recruiting on-line teachers from the other parts of the world after being satisfied with their educational background, and efficiency in educating the students.

Online tutoring is not only for helping the students to strengthen their subject knowledge and to maintain the pace with the school syllabus to get a good grade, but it is also providing valuable support to tackle their homework assignment. One unique feature that the big players in the market adopt to teach their students is that they strictly maintain a protocol that the students will not get the answers directly from their teachers. It is strictly observed that teachers help the students in such a way that at the end of a particular session the students are able to solve the problem or to answer the question on their own signifying that the basic concept about the particular topic is clear before the student.

The standard of online tutoring is yet to be judged and this is a continuous process. With time the software (like the White Board) used to impart education to the students is becoming student friendly and the teachers are being continuously updated with the use of the new application software. The established players bring out the report card of the teachers and if it is found that there is any area of improvement in dealing with the students the teachers are promptly informed to improve that area. The students’ feedback about the teachers regarded as the most valuable criteria to judge the judge the standard of the teachers working as online tutors.

So far as the overall standard of the online tutoring in America is concerned, it is yet to be judged whether online education system is going to occupy the position as the best substitutes of the conventional educational system but, the report of the Today’s Campus suggests that 90% of the students of the Tutor.com and other tutoring companies in the USA has reported higher grade and a considerable improvement in their subject knowledge. This report is alone enough to prove the importance of the role that is going to be played by the online education system in America.